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Thank you for visiting Real Estate, Real Problems.

We are a community of real estate professionals sharing information with first time home buyers in Massachusetts. You are encouraged to provide open and honest feedback at all times.

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Who we are: Contributors 

Jack O’Donohue is a Real Estate Attorney with Dalton & Finegold, LLP in Andover, MA. Jack specializes in transactional real estate law and real estate litigation.

Mark J. Kiklis is a REALTOR® at Kiklis Real Estate, LLC in Methuen, MA. Mark is an independent residential real estate broker serving buyers and sellers in the Merrimack Valley and Eastern Middlesex County.

Jarred Alexandrov is the Marketing Director and Loan Coordinator at Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation. Jarred is committed to implementing and executing cutting-edge marketing strategies to  increase online and offline lead generation from consumers and real estate partners.


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