Twitter Lists and #RealEstate

Attention spans are short. We have limited time to browse online.

The days of turning the pages of a newspaper are over. We don’t have to wait for the Sunday Globe to see what open houses are this weekend in our targeted communities.

Today, we can scroll through a custom twitter feed or RSS feed on an iPad or iPhone and view hundreds of headlines from across the globe in minutes. The organizational tool Twitter offers its users are Lists. Here is a snapshot of our national real estate list.

Lists allow you to view a stream of information and headlines without distractions. If you are already searching for real estate on Twitter, why not follow our Real Estate, Real Problems lists?

We’ve been strategically assembling lists of active twitter accounts for various local real estate agents, mortgage brokers, and attorneys. We are also working on a national list of real estate agents. We will also work to create lists of ancillary services related to first-time homebuyer needs (movers, inspectors, independent appraisers, etc.). These lists will continually evolve and grow over time. We want you (the reader) to subscribe and use them as tools in your real estate search.

I would encourage other twitter users to create your own lists to enhance your experience with twitter.

Don’t forget to click on the hyperlinks above in blue to subscribe to our twitter lists!

Jack O’Donohue is a Real Estate Attorney at Dalton & Finegold, LLP
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